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Lawn Treatment Programs

Extra attention to your lawn

Talented, trained, passionate lawn care staff

Our proven Greenskeeper 7-step process will bring your lawn to life. Our technicians stay one step ahead of pesky weeds with certifications, spraying licenses, and ongoing training for strong knowledge in turfgrass management. 

We’re all about peace of mind and so we go above and beyond when it comes to treating your lawn – we give extra attention to the little things that matter so you can get the weed free, plush lawn you expect.



St. Augustine

Starter Program


Our Fairway Program is the starter program for getting your lawn back where it needs to be.

With 4 personalized lawn treatments, your summer turfgrass stays strong and healthy all year long. 

Get Summer Ready


Get all the pre-emergent, fertilizer and weed-control treatment your turf needs to be ready for the summer months.

You’ll also get real-time weed management during extremely viral years to keep your lawn looking beautiful no matter what.

Nutrient Rich Treatment

Greenskeeper Choice

Nothing will escape our technicians now that they have full access to all the best treatment options for your lawn. 

We offer everything from pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to enhancing soil amendment applications. 

This will give your turf the nutrients it needs and make your lawn the BEST in the neighborhood!

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Project: Fertilize, Feed or Treat a Lawn
"Austin is a true professional and very easy to work with as well as very knowledgeable. Top-notch equipment and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this local company over the big commercial names."
Jeff C.
McKinney, TX
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Treatment Program Features

Mowing and Watering Plan Recommendations
Pre and Post-Emergent Weed Control
Pre-Emergent and Broadleef Post-Emergent Weed Control
Early Season Fertilization and Spot Treatment for Weeds
Early Summer Fertilization and Spot Treatment for Weeds
Fall Pre-Emergent
Application of Winter Nutrient Blend
Late Summer Weed Control
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20% Discount on Additional Services

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